Why airplane tickets are first cheap and then expensive

Geplaatst: 04-02-14

I never knew that cache memory on my computer could be used for anything else than -temporary- storing data. I know now what Ryanair allready knew. And there is little doubt that other airline carriers also know that cache can be used to earn cash. Cache for cash, as you might say .
That airfares go up as the purchasing date is nearer to the day of departure, that I knew. What I did not know and now you know, thanks to this blog, thank you for reading it- is that the price of a ticket increases, every so often you ask your computer to look into the price of a certain flight. Where can I buy the cheapest? That is what I want to know. Don't you? Our computer tels our cache that we have, in my case, visited the Ryanair site, and records what we have been looking for. So that next time you go to the same information, your computer knows where to look. Not very shocking, so far. New to me was the fact that the information from my cache goes straight into the servers of Ryanair. Wow, so much for privacy.
It was this summer that I noticed that prices went up every time I read the information about a particular flight. We wanted to go to Malaga, Spain. On the back of a bus I read that Ryanair got cheap tickets, departing from Dortmund (Germany) to Malaga.The price was dirt cheap: 70 euros return ticket. Bingo. We were almost in Spain.
I went to the website of Ryanair, saw the 70 euro's and proudly wanted to show our cheap ticket to the sun. How big my disappointment ten minutes later: the price had gone up to 90 euros,  still cheap, but no 70 euro's. What was happening? Next time I went to the site I saw that again the price had gone up.Eventually I paid 170 euros for the ticket, plus booking fee, so near 200 euro's . That's still cheaper than say a company like KLM , yet far away from the original 70 euros .
My advice: if you want to obtain information about a particular flight, go ahead, but order on a different computer whose cache does not know that you want to go to Spain. It will save you the price of a ticket. 
I have no direct evidence that the above is true. I suspect it is true, people around me suspect it is so.

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